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Unpolished and spontaneous – a little glimpse into my life. From the everyday shenanigans of a seductress, to the deep ponderings of a kinky mind, comedian Mike Blejer and I indulge in a tête-à-tête.

9. 7. 2017

Mike and I discuss my trip to a nudist sex-village in France. Orgies, Beach sex, Kinky wagers, and being forced to run around naked and full of viagra. It’s a wild ride.

6. 30. 2017

We discuss origin stories, power dynamics in childhood, and figure out how to talk about early sexual discovery without sounding like a creep. Enjoy!

5. 14. 2017

Mike and I chat about Mother’s Day, why MILF porn is so popular, mommy’s day, & the relationship between mother energy, transgression, approval and kink.

3. 21. 2017

A great chat about a shibari rope bondage course, what to do when a sub is more experienced than a dom, the fantasy of virgins, and active listening.

3. 9. 2017

We discuss feminization, feminism, crossdressing, masculinity, and the spectrum of gender bending panty-popping proclivities.

2. 21. 2017

Mike and I talk about a clergyman client (religion & denomination redacted). We talk about shadow selves, the sacred and profane, and the role of the individual within the community.

2. 4. 2017

A lovely chat about a panties shopping trip with my boytoy, the politics of the word slut, and an increase in female & younger clients since the election.

11. 29. 2016

Mike and I chat about Holiday Parties, and a recent all-female play party. We talk feminine energy, massive strap-ons, Sybians, sex machines, & other stocking stuffers.

11. 4. 2016

Great talk about masculinity, alpha subs, small penis humiliation, and fear of the traditionally feminine.

10. 18. 2016

Great talk about masculinity, alpha subs, small penis humiliation, and fear of the traditionally feminine.

10. 13. 2016

A conversation about the neurochemistry of subspace, mummification and using a strap on to poke bros in their exposed friendzones.

9. 13. 2016

Mike and I talk Burning Man, a strap-on-a-thon at Camp Beaverton (it’s exactly what you think), and a 6 hour heavy session in Denver. More on sub space and Dom space next time!

8. 16. 2016

A chat about domming tips, how to stay sexy while you get & maintain consent, and how to distinguish between your partner’s physical vs psychological discomfort.

8. 3. 2016

Mike and I discuss my cross country domination tour. Air Force boys, tinder swipes, and rope play in Denver, oh my!

7. 5. 2016

First call with Mistress Iris, a professional Dominatrix based out of Los Angeles.

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