Killer dance • A night of temptation in San Francisco

I recently took a brief trip to San Francisco for a mix of work and pleasure – my favorite kind of travel. On the evening of my arrival I had the opportunity to curate a session I’d never tried before. This is one reason I value my work as a professional Dominatrix in contrast to my lifestyle domming. As a Pro, I am constantly exposed to new types of fetishism and play through clients’ requests that I would have never thought to try in my personal life. And though I do receive requests for sessions that do not interest me, some are intriguing enough to give it a go and see what happens.

This session was one of these instances. It was a stripper/client role play that ended in a martial-arts domination… The scenario sounded a bit silly at first, and I was also hesitant to put myself in a situation in which the sub would be using any kind of physical force against me, (I prefer to lounge and luxuriate while being pampered) but the sub was a well-spoken professional and very respectful of my prescribed limits during the phone interview so I decided to entertain the idea. As a connoisseur of tease and as a dancer, I was excited to incorporate strip-tease into the scene.

He greeted me with a box of CocoaBella chocolates, which instantly put a smile across my face, and then we indulged in a bit of stimulating conversation. I first sat him down in an executive chair – perhaps reminding him of his day-to-day life as a SF tech exec, but the mood quickly shifted. Soft electronic trance playing in the background, I slowly pulled down my little lace dress, feeling it slip against my skin as it slid to the floor, revealing a little white bikini from my days as an exotic dancer. All the while, my gaze was locked on his eyes as if to say, “I see you, looking at me.” My legs brushed against his inner thigh, and my fingernails skimmed across his chest. I glanced down between his legs, and smirked, entertained by the responsiveness he was unable to suppress. I continued teasing him, visually, then tactilely, until I saw his hand reach for my body. Smack – I slapped him across the face. With each passing moment his frustration grew to match the tautness of his pants, his desperation compelling him to reach again and a third time, earning the redness which now spread across his cheeks. Finally, I pulled him out of his chair and delivered my best attempt at a roundhouse kick, landing the top of my foot square across his cheek, knocking him down on to the bed below me. I climbed across his body and pinned his arms., feeling him squirming beneath me as he tried to break free of my hold. The physicality of my aggression and exhaustion from the grappling of bodies put me in a chaotic dominant high unlike the more familiar, concentrated and almost meditative trance of purely psychological domination. We struggled for a moment longer, but I soon put him in a chokehold – this time there would be no escape. Firmly in my grip, I lowered my lips to his ear and let slip a ragged breath, whispering “I win. You’re mine now.”  

After that we lay spread on the bed, immersed in euphoria, dripping with sweat. We were both surprised by how unexpectedly well this quirky scenario went. There was a moment or two during play, where I thought he was genuinely fighting back, and for an instance, I’ll admit, I felt threatened – but I overcame him every time. It’s that perfect blurring of fantasy and reality which makes for the best role-play scenes. We were intellectually on the same page, and he was the perfect person to try this out with. I could see the awe and exhilaration effusing from his body, and before he left, he promised to fly me out again soon.

The next day, I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Yuki for tea. I always cherish befriending another woman who recognizes and owns her feminine power. We shared juicy stories and laughed about shared experiences we’ve had as professionals. Hopefully sometime soon we’ll have the chance to co-top – her sadistic style would be a perfect compliment to my sensual tease.

It’s easy to forget how much creativity can be sparked by a little change of scenery – I would take great pleasure in traveling more often. If you would like to sponsor my tip to your city, be in touch.

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