In-person servitude

Dominatrix Iris controls her pet latex gimp in San Fransisco

Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true.

—Honoré de Balzac

Perhaps we are at an exclusive restaurant or lounge… I catch you staring as I bring the glass to my lips; time stops as we both realize that you’ve left your own world and entered mine. I scrutinize your every move, making mental notes on your behavior as I scheme of what’s to come. With the soft rustle of stockings, I cross my legs under the table and the tip of my stiletto brushes your inner thigh.

You can hardly contain your excitement… but we’re only on the second course. 

And so it begins, your journey to submission, where you are my instrument and I will make you sing a song of sweet longing and surrender. 

I am selective about who I accept into my world. Let’s get to know each other though a 1hr phone date to begin.

Tribute Rates

The Mistress Iris Experience

​Fall pray to the art of seduction, as I take you into my grasp. You will be left with an indelible impression that your will is no longer your own.

Dinner & Domination

USD 1800

Four hours

Full Day

USD 4000

Lunch to late night

What kind of submissive are you?

Additional Experiences
Meet and Greet (2 hrs)USD 1200
24 hrsUSD 9000
Singapore & Hong Kong

In a hidden corner of the city between the shadows of skyscrapers, you will find your oasis under my feet.  

1.5 hrsUSD 1200
Dinner & Domination (4 hrs)USD 2400
Full Evening Date
(dinner to late night)
USD 3300
Fly me to you
First/Business class airfare, transportation cost and 50% deposit will be expected at the time of booking.

The fine print.

A non-refundable 25% deposit is required for engagements under 6 hours, and a 50% deposit for over 6 hours or for travel. You must reschedule at least 48 hrs in advance in order to transfer your deposit to your new appointment. The new appointment must be within one month of your current one. Should you need to cancel your appointment please contact me as soon as possible to let me know, however, you will be forfeiting your deposit.

The following are offlimits

Heavy medical play. Brown showers. Ruby showers. Switching/subbing. Worship/contact of any part of my body that is typically covered by a bikini. Scripts (scripted scenes stunt my creativity and bores me. However, I do enjoy role-play in which roles and the setting are pre-determined but I lead the scene and what happens within it.) Any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual (This includes giving or receiving oral sex.)

In-person servitude reservation request

Study my desires and review my travel plans before you submit this form. 

    Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured. This form is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS). No third party can access the information being passed between your browser and this website.

    All fields are required

    This is for reference ONLY. I will not call you on the phone unless it's been agreed upon beforehand.

    I will be basing my selection on your introduction. Write a bit about who you are and why you would like the opportunity to surrender to me.

    Provide names and contacts of at least two providers you have seen before (Pro-Dom, Escort, Sensual Massage etc.) You may list the Provider's phone number if she does not have an email address. If you are new and have never seen a provider before, enter "NEW". I may require additional info before our time together. Two or more references will expedite the screening process.

    Disclose any medical conditions for your safety. e.g. diabetic / have a pacemaker / on blood-thinners / epileptic / history of heart attack or stroke / surgery / knee pain / back pain / metal implants / ED

    Please check my travel plans to confirm that I will be in your preferred city during your requested days.

    At least a 3-day notice is ideal.

    Preferred Duration (refer to the Tribute rates listed above)

    Incall or Outcall

    My Incall location in Los Angeles is a fully equipped studio in the downtown area. My Incall locations while travelling are posted on the Travel page.

    How did you find me? (Be specific)

    Agreement #1

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    Agreement #4

    Make a great first impression

    You may send me a gift to stand out from the crowd.

    What kind of submissive are you?

    10 questions

    Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured. This form is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS). No third party can access the information being passed between your browser and this website.

    #1. What is the best way to show Mistress Iris that you worship her?

    #2. Choose one photo that speaks to you most.

    #3. The feeling I’m after when I serve a Mistress is (choose all that apply)

    Select all that apply:

    #4. What about Mistress Iris resonates with you most out of the following?

    #5. It’s Mistress Iris’ birthday –– what gift do you give her?

    #6. You find yourself stuck on a deserted island with Mistress Iris (lucky you.) Which part of your body do you sacrifice first for her sustenance?

    #7. Choose your favorite dominant female movie character.

    #8. Financial tribute makes me feel…

    #9. Which one of my films is your favorite? (Watch now)

    #10. What’s your dream vacation with Mistress Iris?



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